Posted by Carolyn Spencer
Boots & Shoes - $106  50/50 - $135
Guests - Teri Porter, Bryce Olson
Fritiof was absent
Program -  John Berge introduced Dirk's program today, Cindy DeLafuente, Kim Martin and Susie LeMay.   This group are eager to organize activities and events for individuals needing assistance because of developmental disability.   They spoke about the Sparkle program, which paired youth with Newman students to teach cheerleading where the youth could then perform at athletic events. They currently have a choir and have hosted proms and other activities.  They need help from the community/businesses to organize and formalize activities, events and jobs for individuals who tend to fall through the cracks of life that we all take for granted.  My sister is developmentally delayed due to trauma occurring during her birth and I applaud their efforts and hope others do as well.  Thank you Dirk for scheduling this valuable program on a great need in our community.
  • Sorry for the last minute change of plans regarding the June 25 meeting
  • July 2 - Will definitely be presenting awards on July 2  and passing the gavel to John G.  Please plan to attend.    
  • July 9 - You won't want to miss this either!!!
Fritiof's presentation of his year in the USA plus Tom Brooks , District Youth Director will be here!!   
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