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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
The YWCA of the Sauk Valley
421 1st Avenue
Sterling, IL  61081
United States
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Erin DeSutter
Feb 20, 2018
Greeters - Lowe & Majeski Sgt at Arms - Mccoy & Meminger Invocation - Schloemer
John Gvozdjak
Feb 27, 2018
Greeters - Mench & Mitchell Sgt at Arms - Munson & Ortgiesen Invocation - Coester
Jim Haskell
Mar 06, 2018
Greeters - Pettenger & Porter Sgt. at Arms - Potthoff & Saunders Inv. - Munson
Bob Hawkins
Mar 13, 2018
Greeters - Siefken & Spitzer Sgt. at Arms - Zepezauer & Berens Inv. - Berry
Kevin Heller
Mar 20, 2018
Greeters - Berge & Binder Sgt. at Arms - Camarano & Coester Inv. - Porter
David Hellmich
Mar 27, 2018
Greeters - Cooper & Gvozdjak Sgt. at Arms - Haskell & Heller Inv. - Osborn
Willie Hewitt
Apr 03, 2018
Reed Hutchcraft
Apr 10, 2018
DeShawn Johnson
Apr 24, 2018
Greg King
May 01, 2018
Student Program
May 08, 2018
Tom Jensen
May 15, 2018
Wolf Koch
May 22, 2018
Lee Kraut
May 29, 2018
Nick Lareau
Jun 12, 2018
Dave Lowe
Jun 19, 2018
Barb Majeski
Jun 26, 2018

Home Page Stories

Boots & Shoes - $37
50/50 -  $184- No Winner Today - Only One Card Remaining
Guests - Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student 
Guest Rotarians - Darryl Wahler - Sunrise Club
Student Guests - NHS - Hannah N. & Abby Felps
Program: Gary Camarano introduced Kim Ewoldsen, Executive Director of Morrison Area Development Corp. Kim spoke to an exciting program whose goal it is to "Promote Morrison as a regional arts' destination by providing a venue for local artists, to create, promote and sell original art and to foster arts' education through lessons and programs."    They have created LOFT 112,  a new facility in Morrison where this goal will be accomplished. They have currently 27 artists showing their work in LOFT 112, and are adding additional artists quickly.  The Loft is a membership organization and Kim distributed a brochure which lists the different levels of membership available.   To find out more information call 815-772-4005.  Thanks Gary & Kim for sharing.
Boots & Shoes - $120
50/50 -  $173- No Winner Today
Guests - Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student to France for next school year. 
Guest Rotarians - Bob S. from RF Rotary, selling their annual raffle tickets.  Roger Wait and Alan P. from Twin cities Sunrise Club. Leo Patterson from Dixon Rotary.
Student Guests - SHS - Stella Luna  & Kassidy Kenney
NHS - Cael Sanders and Haylee Verdick
Program: Steve Munson introduced Jana Groharing, Executive Director of Sterling Main Street and Sterling Today. Jana shared that SMS needs volunteers to help with the many events such at the Wine Walk and Hops on  the Rock and the Spring Green and Clean taking place at the end of April.  Sterling Today was instrumental in turning the Lawrence building into residential lofts and at this point all have been rented.  The have also been renovating the old Mercantile Building (Bose Building).  It is ready for occupancy and is designed for primarily retail space on the first level.  Use for the upper level has yet to be determined.  Thanks Jana for providing an update on all that Sterling Main Street and Sterling today are doing to improve our community.
Boots & Shoes - $83
50/50 -  $159- No Winner Today
Guests - Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student to France for next school year. 
Guests Rotarian - Bob Songderoth from RF Rotary, selling their annual raffle tickets.  He will be back next week.
Student Guests - SHS - Joseph Sivits, Jerry Rodriguez  & Kassidy Kenney
NHS - Catalina Desmond, Hayley Verdick and Cael Sanders
Chris Mitchell introduced Kris Schmidt, candidate for Whiteside County Sheriff and Rachel Crandall his campaign manager.   Kris told us about his transition to Sterling from DeWitt, Iowa in 2001 and in 2009 he was promoted to Sergeant.  Two big problems facing Whiteside County are Opiod usage and a need for continued training/education.  Kris is married with 6 children and is passionate about his service in law enforcement.  
Thanks for a great program.
Boots & Shoes - $46
50/50 -  $147- No Winner Today
Guests - Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student to France for next school year. 
Student Guests from SHS - Joseph Sivitz (sp?) & Jerry Rodriguez
Jerry Binder introduced a panel to talk about the ne Manufacturing & Technology program at WACC.  In partnership with SVCC and area manufacturers there has been an effort to educate the public, students and adults about the opportunity for manufacturing jobs in the Sauk Valley.  WACC & SVCC have invested in purchasing two CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled Machinery) for WACC.   This partnership allows area students/adults to attend classes in the manufacturing/technology area and to intern at participating companies in the area.   This program helps to develop skilled workers for the available jobs in this industry within our own communities.  Panel consisted of Josh West of SVCC, Steve Beerdman, WACC instructor, John G. from Frantz with input from Jerry Binder and Dave Hellmich.  We are the first in Illinois to have such a progressive program and hopefully will be something others will model after. 
thanks for a great program.
Boots & Shoes - No Collection Today
50/50 -  $128-
Guests - Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student for next school year.  Brice just discovered he will be going to France. 
               Many, many guests today, too numerous to list, attended to hear the program on Ag education at SHS
John Berge introduced Elise Baker, Ag Ed instructor at SHS and Jessica Smith.  They shared some great information about ag education at SHS and the depth of knowledge in many areas which leads to employment opportunities in several fields.
Students, Haley Schmidt, Brooke Linton and Zach Witmer, all members of the FFA club at SHS each spoke about the learning opportunities available as a result of this program and FFA membership.  Thanks John for a very informative and interesting program.
Boots & Shoes - $118.92
50/50 -  $115-
Guests - Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student for next year
                Dan, Executive Director of Timberlake Playhouse
                 Paul, the new Creative Director of Timberlake Playhouse and his wife, Felicia -
                 LuAnn Gvozdjak - Kathy Binder - Janet Clites, Office Administrator for the Big Red Church
                 Weston Henry - Musical Director at SHS
Alex shared his experiences from the prior week.  This was Alex's last meeting and we wish him well on his travels back to Taiwan and his pending knee surgery. 
SHS Madrigals - What a talented group of young people.   Very enjoyable concert!
Boots & Shoes - $58
50/50 -  $96-
Guests - Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student for next year
Alex shared his experiences from the prior week.  He went to Chicago with the Taylor family and helped with the Boy Scout Tree unloading and enjoyed the sights.  He shared that he will be leaving in early January to have surgery on hi torn ACL.  We are still seeking activities for Alex during the time he is here.   Ideas are: Invites to dinner (likes spicy) movie, playing video games, sporting events and day trips would be very welcomed.  If any one is traveling over winter break, Alex would be thrilled to be included even at his own expense.
Ed Anderson introduced Dr. Paul Steinke, CEO of CGH Medical Center - Dr. Steinke shared some information about CGH, such as being the largest employer in the area with 1500 employees and that they are a municipally owned hospital, one of three in IL.  During employee orientation they impress that CGH is in the business of caring and often the care provided is a defining moment in a patient/family life.   We are fortunate to have a state of the art and caring medical center in our community.
Boots & Shoes - $58
50/50 -  $96-
Guests - Leo Patterson - DX Rotary,  Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student for next year
Alex shared his experiences from the prior week.  He also shared that he had an MRI on his injured knee and the diagnosis is a torn ACL which requires surgery.  His plan is to go home in January and have the surgery in Taiwan.  In the meantime he will remain with his current host family.   We are seeking activities for Alex during the time he is here.   Ideas are:
Invites to dinner (likes spicy) movie, playing video games, sporting events and day trips would be very welcomed.  If any one is traveling over winter break, Alex would be thrilled to be included even at his own expense.
Ed Anderson introduced Heather Sotelo, Executive Director of the GSDC.  Heather told us the GSDC evolved from the Sterling Industrial Commission that is still in existence.  one of the reasons for its formation is as a 501c3 which has no requirements to comply with the Open Meetings Act which helps to ensure privacy of discussions.  She also shared they are moving a warehouse on the former NWSW property to the meadowlands to be used as warehouse space for local business. Heather also updated up on other projects taking place in Sterling.  Very informative  - thank you Heather.
Boots & Shoes - $74
50/50 -  $89-
No students or guests today.
Jon Berens introduced Kat Pence from Lifescapes.  Kat is a case manager for the Adult Protective Services Program.   This programs is funded by the State of IL and is responsible for investigating reports of financial, physical, and emotional abuse as well as passive neglect.   Kat reported that they make unannounced visits and often face difficult situations where they may be in danger. They take measures to ensure their case workers are a safe as possible. Thank you Kat for sharing and providing a needed service for our community.
Boots & Shoes - $56
50/50 -  $81 -
Students today:  SHS - Haley Schmidt, Tyler Willman, Lila Lopez, Brooklyn Freas - NHS - Katalina Gassman & Jade Canterberry
Special Student Guest - Brice Taylor - Our outbound Exchange Student for next year.
Guests - Pam Martinez & Lou Hull-Rocha from United Way, Leo Patterson, Renee Krick and Steve McConnell, guest of Dave Lowe
Alex shared that he attended the Symphony and enjoyed it.
Carolyn Spencer and Emily Taylor updated the club on Hospice Home news.  the members then had an opportunity to enjoy the Festival of Trees.
Boots & Shoes - No Boots & Shoes Today
50/50 -  $81 - No Winner
Students today:  SHS - Haley Schmidt, Tyler Willman, Brayen Reyes, Lila Lopez, Brooklyn Freas - NHS - Kate Bonnell & Cassidy Wilson
Special Student Guest - Brice Taylor - Our outbound Exchange Student for next year.
Veterans Day Meeting - Veterans in attendance - Dave Allen, Terry Woodard, Cliff Miller, Doug Brandau, Don Olson, Dave Lowe, Renee Krick, Robert Baranski, Wolf Koch, Nick Lareau, Lee Kraut, Don Haig, Alma Austin, Tina Chamberlain, Jeff Lowe, Jim Haskell, Ed Hurley 
Christy Zepezaur introduced Retired Marine Colonel, Jim Prombo. Jim provided an inspiring message honoring our nation's veterans. together we sand the third verse of America the Beautiful which speaks to the heroes of our country.  I think we all felt proud to be honoring our veterans.
Boots & Shoes - $140 - Good Job Russ & Kevin
50/50 -  $69 - No Winner
Students today:  SHS - Colton Conklen & Akira Tauton - NHS - Kate Bonnell & Cassidy Wilson
Renee Krick, Leo Patterson, George Kelly guest of Tom Jensen, Chris Lee, Staff Aide for Rep. Tony McCombie
Alex shared that he is still tending to his injured knee and had received an injection that morning at CGH.
Russ Spitzer introduced IL State Rep., Tony McCombie.  Tony grew up in Savanna where she served as Mayor prior to her election to state office.   Tony shared  her interest in revising some of the many rules and also in state finances.   She indicates we really need to know what goes into those numbers before we can realistically look at how to cut or spend.  Thanks Tony for taking the time to speak to our Rotary club.  
Boots & Shoes - $90 - Good Job Russ & Russ
50/50 -  $50 -
Students today:  Trey Morse, Ruth Emily Castillo and Sophia Brown
Guests - Laura Welti
Alex shared with us about attending Homecoming the prior weekend.  Sounds like a fun time was had by all.
Tim Schwingle introduced his speaker, fellow Rotarian Leo Patterson.      Leo told us about the Rotary Friendship and Exchange Program which our District participates in. This is two week visit to stay with fellow Rotarians in their home and learn about their country and culture.  Leo shared a few wonderful stories about visiting Rotarians from India and England and others that they have visited through the exchange program.  Thanks for sharing Leo.
Boots & Shoes - $90 - Good Job Russ & Russ
50/50 -  $50 - No Winner
Students today:  Trey Morse, Ruth Emily Castillo and Sophia Brown from SHS.  Erin Vits & Ely Blaney from NHS.
Guests - Mary Stouffer from WACC, guest of Jerry Binder
Alex had a visit to Chicago which he enjoyed.
Dana McCoy introduced Rhonda Miller from CGH.   Rhonda shared interesting information about signs and symptoms of heart attacks.   There are 80,000 deaths per year and over 735,000 heart attacks per year.  50% of heart attacks occur outside of a hospital. Only 27% of those affected by heart attack are aware of their symptoms.   Rhonda told us how important it is to be aware of symptoms and to get medical help right away.   Thanks Rhonda for sharing an important message.  
Boots & Shoes - $76 - Good Job Jerry & Ray
50/50 -  $50 -
Students today:  Logan Rocha, Sarah Ogg - Abby Nitz- Audrey Melton - James Roddy - Kaitlyn Accardi
Guests - Pam Martinez and Lou Rocha from the United Way office
Loren Schlomer  introduced Bob Sondgeroth, Regional Superintendent of Schools for Lee, Ogle & Whiteside Counties and a member of the Rock Falls Rotary Club. Bob oversees many responsibilities for the schools including compliance for fire prevention and the health, life and safety code.  Bob has implemented many new procedures during his current term and is running for re-election to continue those initiatives.   
Boots & Shoes - $108 - Good Job DeShawn & Tom
50/50 -  $50 - No Winner Today
Students today:  SHS - Maya Reter; Katrina Sandefer; Nicki Shuldt; Lema Zayir;NHS - Kirsten Tunik; Travis Williams
Alex told us he went to a Cubs game which he enjoyed.
Christy surprised us by bringing the Chinese musical group "Manhu" to sing for us on their way to Rock Falls Middle School.
Ron Potthoff introduced Terry Costello, Whiteside County States Attorney.   Terry told us about a new project - Veterans Treatment Court.  Assisting Veterans and service members regarding substance abuse and other issues.  Sounds like a great program for our area.  
Boots & Shoes - $46 - Good Job DeShawn & Nick
50/50 -  $156 - Winner - Winner!!  Nicki Shuldt, one of our SHS students won the 50/50 today! Congratulations!
Guests:  Leo Patterson from Dixon Rotary; Dave Ehrendts(sp?) guest of Jim Haskell; Special guest, Kathie Kwiat-Hess, District Governor Elect.
Students today:  SHS - Maya Reter; KAtrina Sandefer; Nicki Shuldt; Lema Zayir;NHS - Kirsten Tunik; Travis Williams
Scott Porter introduced Dr. Kelly Guthrie, Medical Director of the Whiteside County Health Department.  Dr. Guthrie told us about a new program which assists those addicted to Opiods  with a medication that allows for a slow withdrawal.   She informed the group that the health department clinic is a federally funded clinic and serves all community members no matter what the payer source. 
Boots & Shoes - $119 - Good Job DeShawn & John B.
50/50 -  $148 - no winner today
Guests:  Dr. Lori Cortez, SVCC Director of Government Grants and Community Relations- guest of Dave Hellmich
Exchange Student, Alex had another great week. 
Pat Pettenger introduced Bob Swanson and Dr. Richrd 'Bud" Phillips from the Rock Island club who spoke about their water project.   They brought an actual water filtration system and demonstrated it.   As an alternative to wells, this program has proven to be cost effective and successful. The system they demonstrated cost $300 and last 3 years before the filter needs replacing. Very interesting program Pat!
Boots & Shoes - $33 - Good Job Pat & Tom
50/50 -  $137 - no winner today
Guests:  Dr. Lori Cortez, SVCC Director of Government Grants and Community Relations- guest of Dave Hellmich
Exchange Student, Alex attended his first football game. 
Paul Osborn had the program, however his speaker, Tony McCombie was held up in Springfield.   Instead we had one of our new members, Greg King, tell us about himself.  Carolyn Spencer provided an update on the Hospice beds purchased with the Rotary Grant funds.   Dr. Lori Cortez also shared her background with us.   
Paul also undated us on funds received for the Sterling Schools foundation which provides for the next generation of computers for SHS and CMS.
Boots & Shoes - ?
50/50 -  $125 - no winner today
Guests:  Leo Patterson - Dixon Rotary Club
Kevin & Rhonda Conklen,
Exchange Student, Alex, told us about having a lot of fun over the past week and injuring his knee, which seems to be improving.
Gary Camarano was inducted as a new member.   Welcome Gary!
Gunnar Ortgiesen had the program today and introduced last year's outbound student to South Korea, Kolten Conklen.  Kolten was very entertaining a he told us about his experiences in S. Korea. From living in a rural area, to a church basement by the sea to an urban apartment, he experienced a full range of South Korean culture.   Thanks Kolten for sharing with us your journey in South Korea.
Thanks Dave for bringing us such an informative program.
Boots & Shoes - $62 - Great Job Pat & Ed!
50/50 -  $114 - no winner today
Guests:  Leo Patterson - Dixon Rotary Club
Dave Koster, Kolten Conklen, Tim Schlegel and our new exchange student, Alex from Taiwan.  Welcome Alex!
Cheryl Faber from the RF Rotary and representing Relay for Life. Cheryl presented a certificate recognizing our sponsorship of the Relay for Life 2017.
Greg King was inducted as a new member.   Welcome Greg!
Dave Murray had the program today.   He introduced Ryan Kurth a Medic for the NW Rescue Air Evac located at the Whiteside County Airport.   They are staffed with a helicopter pilot who is also  an EMT, a critical care paramedic and a critical care nurse.  They are a community based organization and not attached to any hospital.  They partner with Med Evac and offer a membership program, where for a $65 annual membership, members are able to use the services for medical transport for no additional charges.  Sounds like a great deal! 
Thanks Dave for bringing us such an informative program.
Boots & Shoes - $38 - Great Job Pat & Ron!
50/50 -  $107 - no winner today
Guests:  Leo Patterson - Dixon Rotary Club and Kay Fulfs Gayler from the Dixon, California club.
Greg King and Gary Camarano - prospective members
Steve Munson had the program today.   Wolf Koch presented  on the Sauk Valley Community Concert Association.  He shared the 2017-2018 schedule and played pieces from each of the upcoming artists.   Membership details are as follows- $45 for individual, $100 for families, and $20 for youth.  The association is encouraging new members to ensure the program will continue.
More information is available at
Boots & Shoes - $94 - Great Ray and Ed!
50/50 -  $88 - no winner today
Guests:  Greg King - prospective member
Ag - Cheryl Faber from RF Rotary, Rhonda & Kolten Conklen,  Mrs. Tom Burns,
Ed presented scholarships to SVCC to recipients to Anne Austin and Xena Trujillo
sad Sad face to see Eye leave us - this was her last meeting.   smiley  Happy face because we loved having Eye with us this past year.    Safe travels Eye and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.
Steve Kuhn, District Governor - Steve is from the Sycamore club.  He served in the Air Fore from 1963 to 1990, leaving as a Major.  Trained as a Physician assistant and has been in that role for 42 years.   Married for 42 years.   Goals for Rotary under his term are:
  • Plant a tree, one for each member
  • Report Service Hours and Club Donations
  • Grow Membership
Rotary International continues its  worldwide fight against Polio, devoting 50 million over the next 3 years, with a 4 to  match by the  gates Foundation.
The Rotary Motto this year is "Rotary Making a Difference"
Thanks for being here Steve and sharing your vision and that of Rotary.
Boots & Shoes - $94 - Great Job Willie and Steve!
50/50 -  $79 - no winner today
Guests;  Greg King& Gary Camarano -  prospective members
Doug Vandersee, Bob Sondgeroth-RF Rotary, Rhonda & Kolten Conklen
Eye shared with us her trip with other exchange students.   She had a terrific time.
Dr. Mark Mench introduced Dr. Paul Steinke, CEO of CGH Medical Center.   Paul provided many interesting statistics regarding the hospital such as:
Employment - 1500  Physicians - 70 Physcians and 4- NPs and PAs Volunteers - 300-400  Daily cost - 500 Thousand to run the hospital/clinics daily
CGH is a municipal hospital.   Of 222 hospitals in IL, 30 are municipal.   Thanks Dr. Mench for bringing this program today.
Boots & Shoes - No Boots and Shoes today - but huge thank you to Bill Shaw for donating $40
50/50 -  $69 - no winner today
Guests  Greg King-prospective member
Bill Shaw, Al Przysucha, Leo Patterson, Rhonda Conklen and Kolten Conklen.
Kolten recently returned fro S. Korea and share how much the experience meant to him.  He will be returning in the near future to tell us more about his experience.
Chris Mitchell introduced Whiteside County Sheriff Kelly Wilhelmi who introduced Deputy Rollie Elder.   Rollie shared lots of interesting information about the K-9 unit and his German Shepherd.   These dogs go through an extensive 12 week training before being assigned.  He shared some experiences with his dog.  After the meeting many in the group were able to meet the dog outside and see the new specially outfitted vehicle that was purchased through a grant.   Thanks for a great program Chris.
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